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The Water Tree Cypress specializes in providing water and filtration solutions for every aspect of your daily life.

We’re dedicated to changing lives around the world with water filtered the way that Nature intended—pure, clean, alkaline water that’s so vital we call it “The Living Water” By changing the water that you drink, cook, and bathe with in your home, you can feel good about your water, and even better about yourself.

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Back to nature's source

Most people drink water every day (at least we’re supposed to), but are we drinking water that is good for us? You may think that any purified water is good enough. They’re all the same, right? WRONG…NOT ALL WATER IS CREATED EQUAL!!!
Truth is, repeated testing proves that water treated with distillation and reverse osmosis takes the good out with bad, leaving us with Acidic, “Dead Water”, that contains no minerals.
Common filtration methods often remove everything and strip water bare leaving almost nothing but water molecules. This is great for removing toxins and waterborne diseases, but none of the other beneficial elements of water are retained.
That is why The Water Tree uses a process called Ceramic Conversion to bring your water back to life! We put the good things back in so you can drink water the way nature intended.

Words From Our Customers

After one week of drinking hydrogen water the sensitivity is coming back into my feet, After about six years

- Steve

Improved skin tone, weight loss, reduction in inflammation. Drinking hydrogen for over 3 months ,,, Yay!!!

- Sylvia

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